Arbor Walkway Project

Made from recycled porch posts

After putting in the mixed border, there needed to be a focal point in this area. We had planted a pine tree, redbud and dogwood tree, but they are still quite small and will take some time before they will become focal points in the garden.

Porch PostsGary had brought home twelve porch posts a couple of years earlier and we really had no idea what to use them for, we just new they were too good to let get thrown in the trash. So we set out to create an arbor that would help define the center walkway in the new mixed border. I was dying to have a place to grow clematis and other climbing vines and this was my answer.

Arbor Walkway TimbersWe used pressure treated lumber to act as the base of the walkway. Then Gary proceeded to cut out square holes for each of the porch legs to sit in. We decided that there should be two porch posts to make the corners and then the remaining posts would be evenly spaced between the two corners on both sides. I believe the arbor ended up being 12' long.

It was about a week before the posts were inserted into the holes to begin construction, and we found that the holes had swelled, probably due to humidity levels and the fact that untreated wood was now exposed. Gary had to chisel out a little more wood to make them fit.

Arbor Arbor

I sanded all the rust spots that had begun on the metal posts and painted them first with a primer and then using a black glossy paint ideal for metal. Each one got two coats of paint and any rust spots got a little extra.

For the top rails, we used 2" x 4" pressure treated lumber that I stained first with a natural cedar stain. Gary cut the ends and did a simple round over design. I finished off the ends with stain before putting them up on the posts.

Arbor Rails

It was incredibly hot that summer and it took us a little time to finish it, but it finally got done.



Arbor Finished

And yes, those are roofing shingles in the walkway. We are not sure exactly what we are going to use for the path, but for now, I decided to lay down some shingles to keep the weeds down.

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