Bird Feeder Photos & Ideas

Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans

The above suet feeders were made from a 2x6 cedar board and some hardware cloth. Find out how you can make your own here.

Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans

We have a lot of Mallard Ducks that come in the yard each summer, so Gary created these duck feeders.

Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans

Gary has made several styles of platform feeders over the years. The platform feeder in the middle has an asphalt shingle roof and has held up for many years. The feeder on the right has cedar clapboard for the roof. You can see how to make the platform feeder on the left here.

Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans

I got into a habit of saving old glass pieces and needed to do something with them besides make totems. I've always loved copper and we have orioles in the area, so I got the idea to make some hanging feeders that could be used for orioles or hummingbirds. The shot glasses can be filled with grape jelly or sugar water and the plate can hold jelly or sliced oranges and other fruits. Learn how I made these feeders here.

Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans  Bird Feeder Ideas and Plans

With some of the larger glass pieces I've been collecting, I created these sitting glass bird feeders. Simply, fill the top with seed, place the base on top, and then flip the whole thing right side up. I display these feeders in a covered outdoor area, so they aren't affected by the rain. You could also drill holes in the base to allow water to drain. The great thing about glass is that they are easy to clean. The downside, they will break if dropped or knocked around, so use them on a sturdy surface. These would also make great candy or nut dispensers for a party.

Bird Feeder Ideas and PlansGary and I bought this rustic drift wood bird feeder at a yard sale and mounted it to a log. The log is attached to a large board and spikes are used to hold it in the soil. A few rocks are sitting on top of the board and covered with mulch for added stability.

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