Christmas Tree Project

Made from Chicken Wire and Ribbons

Materials List:

  • Chicken Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Leather Gloves (to protect hands)
  • Various Ribbons, Fabric, Trims, Twine, Ornaments, etc.
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • Plywood (optional)
  • Staple Gun with staples (optional)

This Christmas tree decoration is made from chicken wire with a plywood backing. The plywood backing is purely optional. I chose a light colored plywood backing because I wanted a specific background color to show through between the chicken wire and the ribbons. I also wanted it to be more rigid, so that it would be sturdy and hold up in and out of storage. To be honest, I think it's easier to work with the chicken wire if you have something rigid to form the chicken wire too.

If you are going to use a plywood backing, cut the wood into a tree shape. This particular tree is 2' wide x 3' tall including the trunk. The trunk itself is 4" x 4", but you can make your tree any size you like.

After the wood was cut, I cut the chicken wire to length using the wire cutters and then cut it to the shape of the plywood. I chose to cut the chicken wire slightly larger than the wood so that I could wrap the wire around the wood. If I had it to do all over again, I would probably cut the chicken wire just short of the size of wood, so that it would not have to be wrapped around it.

Once you have the chicken wire in place, you can begin weaving the ribbons, cloth strips or whatever else you have in and out of the chicken wire, making any pattern you'd like. The ribbon was attached to the board with hot glue after the ribbons were wrapped around the edges.

If you have wrapped the chicken wire around the edge of the plywood, you may want to finish off the back with a large piece of felt, ribbon, poster board or cardboard so that the edges of the chicken wire don't scratch the wall the tree is hung on. I finished off this one with ribbon around the edges so that the chicken wire was all covered.

I attached a rustic metal star to the top of the tree and attached some wire to the back for hanging.

In this next tree, I used costume jewelry for the tree topper since I didn't have anymore stars.

Additional Use Tips:

  • Use it to hold greeting cards by attaching them to the wire with small or regular sized clothes pins.

  • Cut out 25 squares with flaps to make a super cute Advent Calendar.
  • Replace the traditional tree altogether by hanging miniature ornaments from the chicken wire.
  • Attach Christmas themed family photos to the chicken wire using rubber cement so that the photos are easily removable.

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