Christmas Craft Ideas

Below are some Christmas Craft Ideas for you. I've created separate pages for some of them.

Christmas Craft Ideas 

In 2004, I was into making lighted glass blocks and decided to do the same with this glass snowman I found.

First you need to drill a 1-1/2" size hole in the bottom with a diamond studded hole saw.

Then, decoupage tissue paper on the inside of the container in the spots for his eyes, buttons, hat and scarf, staying within the lines on the glass.

After that layer has dried, spray the inside with an adhesive and sprinkle white glitter on the inside until the entire body is covered.

After that dries, spray an acrylic sealer on the glitter. After several days of drying, insert a strand of 20 lights into the bottom of the hole and string them up into his hat as well as his body. Glue on some flat marbles for feet to allow room for the cord.

I have not had any problems with the lights overheating the paper or glitter, but I would not recommend leaving this plugged in unattended, because you just never know.

Christmas Craft Ideas

I saw one of these ball wreaths in a store and they wanted $20 for it, but I figured I could make it myself for less and I was right. I found shiny plastic Christmas ornaments at a local discount store in several different colors and just glued them to an MDF craft wreath with hot glue. I used a plastic beaded garland for the hanger. I only spent about $6-$7 and I have some left to make something else or to use on my tree. You can use the same concept with Easter eggs or Valentine hearts. The options are endless.

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft Ideas

Can you guess what the roof is made out of?

I needed a manger for the new nativity I recently purchased, so Gary surprised me with this one. It's absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted. He thinks he should have made it a little taller, but I think it's the perfect size (it will fit in the box the nativity came in).

Answer: The roof is made from a straw broom.

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