Container Gardening

Photos and Ideas

Here are pictures of some of the containers I put together over the past few years. You can read my tips on container gardening here and I wrote an article called "Think Outside the Pot" here.

Colocasia Planter with ImpatiensColocasia surrounded by bright red impatiens. A perfect addition to a shady spot.

Colocasia is an excellent plant for bogs, ponds or moist areas. They will compliment well with the impatiens who also like moist conditions.

Basket Planter
View an updated photo of this basket planter here.

The basket above contains Superbells White, Pineapple Sage 'Golden Delicious', Geranium 'Tango Dark Red'and Allysum

Coleus Container
Starting with the red one going clockwise: 'Kingswood Torch', 'Pineapple', 'Sedona' (Coleus).

Mixed Planter
Geranium, Dahlia, Impatiens, Sweet Alyssum, Salvia,
Marigolds, and Begonias.

Hanging Basket Hanging Basket Hanging BasketHanging Basket

Deck Planter
Coleus, Nicotiana, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and Verbana.

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Think Outside the Pot

You don't have to plant in traditiona containers. Check out some of these unusual containers.

Hardy Annuals

You can have color well into the fall and early winter months by growing some of these hardy annuals.

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