Enamelware Bird Feeder

Re-purpose some of that old junk

I love enamelware and have collected many pieces over the years from family and by buying box lots of "junk" at flea markets. You never know what you will find in those boxes. This project was super simple. Here's how we made a bird feeder from some old enamelware sauce pans.

Materials Needed:

  • Enamelware Saucepans (we used 2)
  • Old Barn Board (slightly wider than your saucepans)
  • Short screws with washers (one for each saucepan)
  • Long Non-Rusting Screw
  • Drill or Screw Driver
  • Saw to cut boards to length
  • Wood Glue
  • Small brad nails (if you are making a roof)


The saucepans I had were small about 4" across. The old barn boards were less than 6" wide. we positioned the saucepans on the board and then cut the board to length accordingly.

Once the board is cut to length, simply attach the saucepan handles to the board with a screw. The holes in the saucepan were fairly large, so we had to use a washer to make sure that the screw did not just pull through the handle. If for some reason your handles do not have holes for hanging, you will need to drill a hole right through the end of the handle to hang them. You will need a metal drill bit to accomplish this. Use the same size drill bit as the screw you will be using.

We decided there should be a roof to help protect the bird seed from rain. We cut the board to about 8" long with a 30 degree angle on one end. Run a bead of glue along the cut end and attach it to the back board leaving about 1-1/2" of board at the top exposed so that you can attach it to a tree or wall. Use some small brad nails to secure it further. You may want to pre-drill some pilot holes ahead of time to make it easier to attach.

Now you are ready to hang your feeder. Simply pre-drill a hole in the center of the top of the board and attach it to a flat surface with a screw that will not rust outdoors.

Smaller birds really like this feeder and I fill mine with shelled nuts and mixed bird seed.

You could attach your saucepans in any configuration that you wish and this would also be great using a large ladle or even an old enamelware water dipper.

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