Greenhouse Project

Made from old windows and doors.

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Front of Greenhouse

You can also see by the above photo that the peak has been framed for the window and for the plywood that will surround the window.

Front of Greenhouse

We had originally thought to fill in this area with the polycarbonate roof panels also, so it would be clear, but that would have been very difficult to pull off and I think this will look better anyway. We will cover it with the same siding that will be down below.

Back door of Greenhouse

When installing the double door on the back, we had originally planned on having both doors open wide to allow access for my garden carts, but the single doors are actually large enough for that already, so we decided to make one door fixed so that there could be more storage space, which is more important to me.

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Soffit of greenhouse

Then we began working on the soffit. Again, we are sticking with the plywood as it might provide a little shade in the summer, plus it's just plain easier.

There will be a trim piece all along the soffit on the left side so there should be no way any bugs can get up in there. I can't even imagine the amount of caulking we are going to have to do, which is why I bought a caulk gun for Gary's cordless drill.

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Trim work is the word for the first week of November. Tedious, but necessary. Trim goes all along any place where there is a seam and frames out the clap board siding. I'll just post one picture here, but more pictures can be found on the blog.

Side of greenhouse with trim

Siding was installed the second week of November. We were lucky enough to score a partial box of cedar clap board for pennies on the dollar, which was more than enough to finish the bottom half of this greenhouse.

Greenhouse with siding

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We also installed two counters. One is 24" deep x 8' long (photo below) and the other on the opposite wall is 18" deep x 8' long. Both counters are 40" tall, which is taller than a normal counter top. I'm tall and I didn't want to have to stoop to work on projects, and it's still a good height to make my hypertufa or pot up plants without being too high.


Gary put wire shelving under the counters. This wire shelving are "cut offs" or damaged pieces that were being thrown away by contractors. Since we didn't have the brackets that came with the shelving, Gary just made his own with scrap 2x4s. I wanted to be able to remove the shelves easily, so he attached slats to the wooden brackets to keep the shelves from sliding around.

Counter with Shelving

There's a piece of closet rod below each shelf that is above each counter. This will be used to hang potted plants or craft projects and be used to store empty pots in the winter.

Shelving in Greenhouse

If you'd like to see extra photos of the greenhouse throughout the build, just visit the blog here.

Greenhouse Finished

In Spring of 2010, we enclosed one side of the greenhouse for a vegetable garden. The fence will eventually be painted green like the trim and doors of the greenhouse. Taller posts were used on one side so that we could hang tomato planters and possibly herb planters in the future.

Vegetable Garden

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