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I have a few indoor plants I thought I'd share. A few years ago I got into making terrariums. They seem to be easier to take care of then most house plants. I saw an episode of B. Original where she had featured terrariums, so when I was at the thrift store looking for some neat garden junk items, I came across some containers that were perfect for terrariums. Here is the link to the show with detailed instructions for making them.


Basically I just put a layer of gravel on the bottom, with a layer of charcoal to absorb odors, a layer of potting mix appropriate to the kind of plants I was using and then another decorative layer of gravel on top of the soil after the plants were in. I chose plants that were tolerant to low light and liked higher humidity.

Here are some pictures of my African violets. African Violets are very easy to take care of. They thrive on neglect. All they need is bright light, watering when the soil gets dry (don't keep them sitting in a saucer of water), and fertilizing a couple of times a month. When they get too root bound, take them out of their pots, cut off a half an inch of the roots, and put them back in the same size pot with fresh soil. They will bloom better when root-bound, so it's important to keep them in a smaller pot.

White African VioletsPurple African VioletsPurple African Violets

This is an Amaryllis. I believe this one is called Apple Blossom. I purchased another one called Red Lion, but it never bloomed (only grew leaves). I think it didn't get enough light.


Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus with a pink/cream Poinsettia. Violets also blooming on the left. If you've never grown a Christmas cactus before, check out my article here.

To view more photos of plants I have grown, check out this page here.

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