Instant Evergreen Tree

Turn a tomato cage into a tree decoration

Evergreen Tree with Birdseed OrnamentsIf you need a tree for a decoration, or want to create a bird shelter for winter, you can do so easily with a garden obelisk or tomato cage and some fresh cut evergreen boughs. Check a local nursery for the cuttings or your own backyard. The ones I purchased are spruce, I believe. Here's how you can make your own:

What You Will Need:

  • Obelisk or large tomato cage
  • 3 lbs - 6 lbs of evergreen boughs of choice
  • Craft wire
  • Large planter filled with soil (optional)
  • Landscaping staples (optional)
  • Decorations of choice


  1. Tree Step 1If you are using a tomato cage, turn it upside down and tie the ends together to make a point. If you are using an obelisk, push the ends into the ground or fill a large pot with soil and push the obelisk into the soil.
  2. Starting at the bottom of the metal frame, wrap the end of one evergreen bough with wire and wrap the wire around the metal parts of the frame.
  3. Continue wrapping each bough around the frame until it's completely covered.
  4. Decorate the tree with popcorn garlands and birdseed ornaments (find the recipe here) for the birds or decorate it with lights to add a little holiday cheer to your front yard.

Tree Step 2Additional Tips:

  • When the needles start to turn brown, stop using lights to help prevent fires.
  • If decorating the tree for the birds, avoid brightly colored ribbons as they may scare the birds away.

Bonus Tree

If you don't want to buy real evergreen boughs, why not wrap the obelisk or tomato cage in faux pine garland. I purchased this garland after Christmas for pennies on the dollar. I used 3-9' long plain pine garlands and 2-6' poinsettia garlands. This planter held sweet potato vines during the summer months, but gets new life during the winter months with this greenery.

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