Metal Pumpkin Project

And you don't need a welder to make one.

This project was inspired by a Lowes project that was featured in their Creative Ideas magazine that is sent to homes several times a year. They had used metal strapping to create a pumpkin. I knew that I must have some similar materials around the house or yard to create the same thing. I don't like to buy anything if I don't have to, and my husband is always bringing home items from work that have been rescued from the dumpster, so I was sure we must have something.

Metal Pumpkin Project Instructions brought to you by

You may remember seeing some garden spheres he made me a few years back (you can view a picture of them here). They were made from spools that were originally used to hold metal banding. So it dawned on me; why couldn't I make something similar, but make it look more like a pumpkin.

This is a use what you have project. I realize not everyone will have access to these metal spools, but you might have access to metal rings from old broken barrels or you could just buy some banding. Use your imagination.


  • 4 - 2" wide metal spools, 16" in diameter
  • steal wool
  • 1 - 1/4" x 4" long bolt, 2 washers, 1 nut
  • 10' black metal banding, 1/2" wide
  • 1" diameter dowel, at lease 18" long
  • small terracotta pot, 3" wide
  • primer and metal paint (I used a terracotta and moss green color)
  • paint brush
  • clear sealer (optional)


  1. Clean spools well with soapy water, removing any grease and loose rust, if necessary. Use steal wool or sand paper to help with this. Allow to dry.

    Turn these materials into a rusty pumpkin decoration.

  2. Prime and paint spools as desired. I used a sponged paint effect. Allow to dry.
  3. Paint the outside of the terracotta pot to look like a green stem. Allow to dry.

    How to make a rusty pumpkin from found objects from

  4. Cut the 1/2" wide banding in half to form two 5' long lengths. Using the dowel, wrap the banding around it to curl it. The banding is fairly thick and will hold it's shape. You can cut a slit in one end of the dowel to hold the banding, if needed.

    Metal Pumpkin Project Instructions

  5. Put spools together to form a sphere. If your spools have holes, keep the holes lined up. If your spools do not have holes, drill out holes using a metal drill bit.
  6. Thread the bolt through the bottom of the sphere, through the terracotta pot and tighten slightly. Use washers, if needed to keep the bolt from going through the holes. I threaded it from the bottom up because it was just easier. You can add some green paint to the bolt and nut to help camouflage it.
  7. Put one end of the coiled banding under the lip of the pot and tighten the bolt to hold the banding under the pot. If your banding will not stay put, you can always glue it down using super glue, silicone or even hot glue.
  8. Seal everything if desired to help protect the paint job.

Your pumpkin may feel a little top heavy, depending on the size of pot and sphere, but I had no trouble positioning the pumpkin to display it properly.

Since this is such a neutral autumn decoration, it could be displayed from September right through to Thanksgiving.

Metal Pumpkin Project Instructions brought to you by

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