Mosaic Tables

This was my first attempt at mosaic. It's a table top that sits on a wooden spool from a wire company.

Mosaic Table

To start, Gary cut a 2' x 2' piece of 3/4" plywood. I attached the vitreous glass tiles to the plywood using Weldbond glue and applied a white sanded grout after the glue fully cured for a week.

To finish off the edge of the plywood, Gary used some straight molding and made it even with the tile on the top, which created a lip on the bottom. This ensures that the top does not slide around on top of the spool (the spool is about 23" in diameter). I painted the trim a light green.

Mosaic Table

This hexagon table was found at the thrift store for $5. It's about 18" at it's widest point.

Hexagon Table

This design was originally inspired by a Mandela called the "seed of life". As you can tell from the link, my end design turned out differently, but the inspiration of the Mandela was vital to the end design. I used the indirect method to mosaic the top by placing the tiles upside down on clear contact paper with the design template underneath the contact paper.

First I outlined the table with whole black 3/4" x 3/4" venetian (vitreous) tiles. I filled in the corners with tiles cut to size. I have gotten the hang of cutting these tiles since my first project in 2006 and really like working with them now. I filled in the open areas with the caramel colored tile and outlined the larger circle that was supposed to be the start of the Mandela pattern.

Once the complete design was laid out on the contact paper, I slide the entire piece onto another table top and then spread Weldbond glue all over the table using a spatula that had little ridges cut out on the end. Then I just flipped the whole thing over back onto the table top and let it dry for several days before removing the contact paper. You will know when the glue is dry when it is no longer white. It is vital for Weldbond to turn clear before grouting or the pieces will not hold.

Hexagon Table

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