Mosaic Trays

Some ideas on how to mosaic a tray and give it new life.

Below is a butterfly tray I made for a friend of mine. I used glass globs, stained glass and vitreous tiles to create the butterfly. Black grout was used and the whole thing was sealed with a glossy finish.

Mosaic Butterfly Tray

These are vintage wooden platters that were covered in vitreous glass tiles. I love working with these leaf platters and I've done several.

Mosaic Leaf Platter

The tray above was originally grouted white, but I thought it needed a little something extra, so I put a gold wash over the whole thing and then sealed it. It's so much prettier in person that in the photo.

Mosaic Leaf Platter

Mosaic Leaf Platter

The green tray and the blue and pink tray above were both finished using vitreous glass tiles. This type of tray is very common in thrift stores in my area.

Mosaic Bowl

This wooden bowl to the left was found at the thrift store. The bowl itself was solid and in good shape structurally, but wasn't very nice looking. So I gave it new life and turned it into a beautiful work of art.

The tray below was covered in 3/4" glass vitreous tiles. The tray was left natural.

Mosaic Tray

Butterfly Tray

This butterfly tray was made using old plates that were smashed into pieces. My only word of caution when you are using plates for a flat surface that will have things sitting on it, is to make sure the plates are the same thickness. I had trouble with this tray because the plates were very uneven in thickness from the sides of the plate to the interior where the main butterfly design was. I was able to compensate with some of the thinner pieces, by using more adhesive.

I used thin set mortar for the adhesive and an almond colored sanded grout that was sealed with a glossy grout sealer.

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