Pallet Holiday Decoration

2-Sided Scarecrow / Snowman

Pallet Scarecrow Project by D&G Gardens and Crafts Pallet Snowman Project by D&G Gardens and Crafts

You've probably seen this project on Pinterest or for sale on Etsy. Some are two-sided and some are not. I liked it so much I decided to make my own since I was looking for a sturdy outdoor decoration that I could display from September right thru December. Here's what I did to make mine.

What you will need:

  • 5-7 Pieces of pallet wood, cut to desired length
  • Saw (to cut wood, if necessary)
  • 10 - 1-5/8" long wood screws
  • 8 - 2" nails
  • Craft paint
  • 1"-2" paint brush
  • Paint pens or detail brush for drawing the face
  • Outdoor sealer
  • Sand Paper (optional)

Please note that this project is very customizable, so you may need more or less of the materials listed above.

I wanted a very large decoration, so I cut my pallet wood to 40" long. This pallet wood was about 4-1/2" wide, so I used five boards for the body of the decoration and two smaller boards for the brim of the hat, cut to 32" long. The overall size of this decoration is 40" high x 23" wide, plus 4-1/4" on either side for the brim of the hat. As I said before, this project is very subjective, so make the boards as long or as short as you want based on the desired finished size of your project.

I chose to age the wood first since I was using a dry brush painting technique to finish the wood. You can read about that process here. Once the wood was dry from the aging process, I attached the brim of the hat using the smaller piece of wood.

How to make a two-sided pallet scarecrow/snowman

As you can see by the picture above. The brim was placed at an angle and each board was screwed into the brim. I kept the screw on one side of the board so that when the whole thing was flipped over, you could attach the second brim on the other side and screw that in on the opposite side of each board. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting a screw that was already there. Note that you want to position both brims so that they are exactly opposite each other.

After attaching the brim to the boards, the whole thing did not feel very solid to me, so we took nails and hammered them in at an angle on the end of each board so that the boards are connected to each other. This step is probably not necessary for smaller projects, but since my decoration is so large, I wanted it to be solid so that it wouldn't come apart every time it was moved. Hopefully this picture below helps to explain what I mean.

How to make a two-sided pallet scarecrow/snowman

Once the brim is attached, you can begin to paint. For the snowman side, I chose black for the hat and white for the face of the snowman. For the snowman, I chose a bark brown for the hat and bermuda sand for the face of the scarecrow.

Once this layer of paint is dry, you can add the face using either a very thin detailing brush or paint pens. Once both sides are dry, seal the whole thing with an outdoor sealer (if displaying outdoors) or an indoor sealer (if displaying indoors).

Once the sealer is dry, go ahead and accessorize the hat on either side if you like. A little hot glue should do the trick and would make it easy to change out the accents each year, if desired.

Since this decoration is so large, I am just leaning it up against a tree to display it. If you chose to make a smaller one that can be hung, then you will have to add a hanger.

Pallet Scarecrow Project by D&G Gardens and Crafts Pallet Snowman Project by D&G Gardens and Crafts

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