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Pestbusters - Grasshoppers

Written by: Dottie Baltz

Grasshoppers, which are related to locusts, can be very destructive. In the Locustidae family, they can appear for a couple of years in a row and devastate crops and gardens and then disappear for many years before returning again to cause more mayhem and destruction.


Not all the grasshopper species are garden pests; there are thousands; but many of them are a huge problem for gardeners. Grasshoppers generally lay their eggs in dry soil that has been left undisturbed in early autumn. The nymphs emerge in spring to eat tender young plants.

Their favorite foods are grasses, leaves and cereal crops.

Grasshoppers molt several times over the next 60 days before becoming fully grown with functional wings. The best time to control them is when they are in their nymph stage, early on in the season. Following are some methods of control:


Garlic Oil Spray Recipe

The above garlic oil spray will also work wonders on aphids. But remember it is non-selective and will kill beneficials as well, so only use it directly on the pest you are trying to control.

As with all homemade bug sprays, test on a small area of the plant, wait for 24 hours and then check to see if the plant was damaged by the spray. Some species of plants can be more sensitive than others.

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