Ornaments Made from Old Cards

Thrifty Christmas Crafts

Now you will need to score the triangle so that it bends easily to form the flaps that will be glued together. It's best to use a straight edge and a craft knife or stylus for this.

Step 4 of Ornaments

Once they are all scored, I like to bend them back so that they are ready for gluing.

Step 5 of Ornaments

Now comes the tricky part. You need to make a top and a bottom. They are each made the same with five circles each. I'm not sure how to describe it, but what you need to do is to glue the flaps together, going in a circular motion, so that they form a sort of cap when finished. I used tacky glue for this as it requires a short amount of setting time. White glue would be too messy and two sided tape would not hold as well.

Step 6 of Ornaments

The next step is to make the middle of the ornament. This uses the remaining ten circles and the edges are glued in an alternating pattern so they form a straight line when finished.

Step 7 of Ornaments

Glue each end of the strip together so that it forms a circle. Now you are able to glue the top and bottom to the middle portion to form a sphere.

Step 8 of Ornaments

If you find that the edges are not coming together perfectly, then your triangles may not have been perfectly centered or the triangles didn't have equal angles on each side. Don't fret...the ornaments will still look good and won't be noticeable once hung on the tree.  You can camouflage any mistakes with glitter or ribbon, if you like.

Recycled Ornament

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