Soda Crate Spice Rack

Rescue an old crate and give it a new purpose.

We were at a variety shop recently and I saw this vintage soda crate that had 24 slots. Most crates I see don't have that many, so I made sure to snap this one up and thought it would make a great spice rack for my vintage style kitchen.

If you'd like to recreate this spice rack, it's super easy. Soda crates come in many sizes and have various sized slots. If you found a crate with larger slots, they would be perfect for jelly sized or pint sized mason jars. Instead of storing spices, you could store cocoa powder, baking soda, corn starch, etc. The options are endless.


Once you have found your crate/s, choose your bottles. Spices are best kept in a cool, dark place, so glass amber bottles are perfect for this project. I found these 4 oz. bottles on These bottles will work best if you have measuring spoons that are oblong instead of round.

If you are going to mount your crate to the wall, I would suggest making sure you attach them to a stud in the wall, as the glass jars will make the spice rack heavier than if you used plastic bottles and you don't want the rack to fall off the wall. If you don't have two studs close enough together, use an appropriate wall anchor. You may also want to reinforce the wood on the back of your crate as the wood may be old and brittle. Simple attach two strips of 1" x 2" wood to the top and bottom of the back of the crate, and drill holes through the old and new wood when mounting to the wall.

My crate is actually just sitting on top of a vintage cake box, but if your area is prone to earthquakes, you will probably want to attach it to the wall and possibly use plastic bottles, or some sort of shatter proof bottle. I originally tried to find a square bottle for my spices, so that the bottles wouldn't rol1, but I was unable to find the right size, in amber, for a reasonable price.

Labeling the spices can be fun. Since the jars I used already had a black lid, I decided to hand write the spice names using a white paint pen with a fine tip. I think they look a little bit like chalk on a blackboard. You can also purchase chalkboard or white labels and label the jars as well.

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