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Baking Soda

Uses for Beer

  • Fill a shallow dish with cheap beer to kill slugs.
  • Revive brown spots in the lawn with a 50/50 solution of beer and water.
  • Tenderize beef with a beer marinade.
  • Boil beer for an hour, cool, then add to your favorite shampoo for shinier hair.
  • Clean gold jewelry by soaking in beer.
  • Add beer and spices to water when boiling shrimp.

  • Clean copper items with beer.  Soak for a few minutes then buff with a soft cloth.
  • Catch fruit flies by putting beer in a cup, cover with plastic wrap and make several holes in the wrap for the flies to get in, but they can't get out.
  • Pour some beer on your compost pile to help get your compost cooking.
  • If bees and wasps bother you at an outdoor BBQ, place bowls of beer around the perimeter of your yard.  The bees will be attracted to the beer and leave your food alone.

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