Tips Around the House

Coffee Grounds

Uses for Coffee Grounds

  • Add coffee grounds to compost piles.
  • Rub wet coffee grounds on furniture scratches to help camouflage them; the coffee will stain the bare wood.
  • Sprinkle used coffee grounds around acid loving plants like blueberries, azaleas and rhododendrons; they will love it.
  • Place fresh grounds in a bowl and place inside a closed area to absorb odors; works great in the fridge, cabinets or even bathrooms.
  • Remove bad smells from hands by scrubbing hands with used coffee grounds.

  • Brew the grounds to create a dye for paper, fabric and even hair (color will gradually fade from hair after washing).
  • Repel ants by pouring coffee on the ant hills or placing dry, used coffee grounds around your home to keep them from getting inside.
  • Mix fresh coffee grounds with carrot seeds to repel root maggots; just sprinkle the mixture to sow them in the garden.
  • Sprinkle used coffee grounds in garden areas where cats like to go to the bathroom; it will repel them.
  • Used coffee grounds can be used to grow some types of mushrooms.
  • Add coffee grounds to your worm farm; they love it.
  • Spread used coffee grounds in the garden when planting tomatoes and melons.

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