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All tips use original "blue" Dawn, not the antibacterial or hand softening varieties.

  • Bad dye job? Wash your hair with a few drops of Dawn to help strip your hair of excess hair dye. Condition well as Dawn will strip most of the oils from your hair.
  • Kill bugs such as aphids, ants, wasps and cockroaches with a solution of Dawn and water. Mix one teaspoon of dawn with 16 ounces of water and spray on bugs to kill them almost instantly.
  • Rub Dawn on skin before painting to make dried on paint easier to remove from skin.

  • Mix equal parts Dawn and Epsom Salts to make a paste to scrub dirty tiles and bathtubs. Test on small area first to make sure it will not scratch your surface.
  • Remove grease stains from clothes by pre-treating stain with Dawn and then wash as usual. Better than any stain remover, in my opinion. It may bleach out dark fabrics if left on too long, so treat stain and then launder within a few minutes.
  • Need to find a hole in a tire? Mix a few drops of Dawn with water and brush on tire. Look for bubbles to indicate where the hole is.

  • Remove wax build-up from cars and other surfaces by mixing a few drops of Dawn with water and washing the surface with a sponge or brush.
  • Prevent eye glasses from fogging up by rubbing a small amount of Dawn on the lenses. Rub until dry leaving a thin film that will prevent fogging until the next time you wash your glasses.

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