Tips Around the House

Duct Tape

Uses for Duct Tape

  • Remove splinters by pressing tape to splinter then removing quickly.
  • Wrap tool handles with duct tape to prevent splinters.
  • Out of bandages? Tape a folded up  tissue or cotton ball over wound.
  • Wrap the bottom of your pant legs and the bottom of your sleeve cuffs with duct tape to prevent ticks from crawling under your clothes.
  • Hang strips of duct tape to act as a fly catcher.

  • Prevent glass from shattering in a storm by crisscrossing tape on the windows.
  • Remove warts by placing tape on the wart for 7 days, soak in warm water, scrub with pumice stone; repeat process until wart is gone.
  • Temporarily repair holes in leaky pipes, walls, window screens, or hoses.
  • Repair tents and tarps temporarily.
  • Look for directions on-line to make accessories like wallets, belts, etc.

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