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(All tips are for the black & white sections of the newspaper, not the shiny ads)

Uses for Newspaper

  • Lay 5-10 layers of wet newspaper on the ground and around plants before mulching to better control weeds.
  • Clean window screens by taping newspaper to one side of the screen and while vacuuming the other side; this method creates more suction for the vacuum.
  • Deodorize containers and lunch boxes by balling up a piece of newspaper inside it and letting it sit overnight.
  • Use the comic section for wrapping gifts; spray with hairspray so ink doesn't get on your fingers.
  • Shred and add to compost pile.
  • Wrap tomatoes and fruit individually in newspaper to ripen them faster.
  • Spray window panes with vinegar and wipe with crumpled newspaper for a streak-free finish.
  • Remove moisture from inside shoes by putting crumpled newspaper inside them and allowing them to sit overnight.

  • Line the vegetable drawer in the fridge with newspaper to reduce excess moisture and odors.
  • Make Paper-mâché.
  • Make biodegradable seed starting pots.
  • Use a stack of newspapers as an emergency kneeling pad.
  • Shredded newspaper makes a great packing material for shipping.
  • Use rolled up newspaper as a fire starter.
  • If you are a mosaic artist, use wadded up newspaper to help remove excess grout.
  • Newspaper pulp can be used to make homemade paper.
  • Make book covers with newspaper and the comics section; spray with hairspray so ink doesn't get on your fingers.
  • Absorb liquid from large spills to save on paper towels.

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