Tea Cup Bird Feeders

Turn some vintage china into a useful piece of art for the garden

I love tea cups, but I really don't have the room to display them indoors, so I've decided that I would rather enjoy them in the garden instead. You have probably seen tea cup feeders in one form or another on forums, Facebook and flea markets. Here's how you can make your own.

All you really need is a tea cup with a matching or coordinating saucer, some silicone or epoxy adhesive and a way to display the feeder, either by hanging or a post for pushing in the ground. Here are three examples and how I put each one together.

Several Tea Cup Feeder Ideas

This first group of feeders are each displayed on a spindle rescued from an old porch railing. Painting them white gives them a fresh new look. You could also sand the edges to give them a more weathered look. For these feeders I drilled out the center of each cup and saucer and screwed them into the tip of the spindle, but you could just as easily attach them with plumber's goop, silicone or a 2-part epoxy adhesive. The feeder on the right is actually a decorative plate and a porcelain piece from an old lamp I took apart. If you do decide to drill out the centers, use a drill bit for glass or ceramic, keep the area wet with water where you are drilling, and don't press too hard; let the drill do the work. Use a rubber washer between the pieces to help protect them from cracking and don't tighten the screw too much.

Tea Cup Feeder Ideas  Tea Cup Feeder Ideas

This next feeder is a lovely ruby red and I thought it would look fantastic in the sunlight. The photos really don't do the color justice. This feeder is extremely simple to make. I used a 2-part epoxy to attach the cup to the saucer, simply because I wanted it to cure quickly. You could also use silicone. Fishing line is used for hanging. I added glass beads to the fishing line to spruce up the hanger. Use 50lb test or less to make sure the line will fit through the hole of most glass beads.

Tea Cup Feeder Ideas  Tea Cup Feeder Ideas

This feeder is actually made from a dessert plate and cup. The plate has a circle already where the cup should be placed, so I glued it to that spot and simple glued a vase to the bottom in the center of the plate. The vase will slip on top of a dowel or a piece of rebar that has been hammered into the ground and will look lovely peaking out of the garden among the flowers.

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