Gift Ideas for Gardeners

No matter what occasion, male or female, young or old, you can always find a wonderful gift for a gardener. Just because you may not be a gardener yourself, don't let buying for a gardener be intimidating. Personally, I think gardeners are one of the easiest to buy for and you don't have to break the bank. Check out some of my unique and frugal ideas below.

Gift Baskets
Gifts for GardenersGift Baskets are a wonderful idea because you can combine a multitude of small, inexpensive items, into one beautiful presentation. For the basket portion of the gift, go outside the box and use a clay pot, bucket, watering can, or garden tool tote. Instead of using paper to stuff the bottom of the container, bag up some potting soil in gallon bags, and use that for the base. This base will help prop up any other items you include in the basket, plus it's actually usable to the giftee, not just thrown away in the trash like paper might be.

Gifts for GardenersEvery gardener needs gardening gloves. I never seem to have enough and I use different types of gloves depending on what I'm doing. The dollar stores have a decent selection of gloves during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, so check them out for an inexpensive filler item for your basket.

You may also want to invest in a more specialized glove, such as for pruning roses or heavy duty leather gloves. It's possible that your giftee may not want to spend the money on themselves, but would greatly appreciate a gift like this.


Plant tags would also make a great addition to your basket. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so you are sure to find something that will fit your budget. Include a grease pencil or permanent marker to add even more value to your plant tags.

Gifts for GardenersSeeds make a wonderful gift. If you are a gardener yourself, why not save some from your own garden and put them in cute little seed packets that you have made yourself. I have created a large selection of seed packets that are free and can be downloaded here. All you need is a color printer, some plain paper, scissors, and glue and you are all set. If you are not a gardener yourself, check out your local nursery or mail order catalog and choose some heirloom varieties of annuals, perennials, vegetables or herbs.

Gifts for GardenersIf I were making up a gift basket, I would also add some hand tools, organic fertilizer, sunscreen, hand cleanser and hand lotion to the mix. Burt's Bee's makes a wonderful line of products especially for the gardener and outdoor enthusiast.

Stepping Stones
Whether you make one or buy one, stepping stones make a great gift. My niece and I made a stepping stone for her mother for Mother's Day on year and she loved it. Not only will it be useful in the garden, but it will give her fond memories for years to come.


Books make wonderful gifts for gardeners. They are usually full of pretty pictures of other people's gardens. I get so many ideas from books and I always seem to find room on my bookshelf for another gardening book. Add a bookmark made from pressed flowers for a personal touch.

Magazine Subscriptions
I don't know why more people don't give gift subscriptions to magazines. It's an inexpensive gift in comparison to may other gifts out there and they will think of you every time they get one in the mail. In this tough economy, more people have stopped their favorite magazine subscriptions to save money. Why not give them the subscription as a gift? I bet they would really appreciate the gesture. Some good examples are Birds & Blooms, Garden Gate, Fine Gardening, Horticulture (1-year) [Print +Kindle], Country Gardens (2-year), Herb Quarterly, and Rodale's Organic Life All Access.


Garden Tools
Gifts for GardenersInvest in a really good pair of pruners or a shovel, rake, hoe, or garden fork. Many of the tools today are designed ergonomically, so look for specific ones to make the gift extra special. For example, some shovels and rakes are designed to make it easier on the back and some pruners have a ratcheting action to make it easier for people with weak hands or arthritis. I've done some reviews of the tools I own if you'd like to check them out on our blog. They can be found here.

High Tech Gardening Gadgets
Why not purchase a high tech gardening gadget or gardening app for your favorite gardener? Here are a few cool ones to try.



Other Gift Ideas
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Gifts for GardenersGifts for GardenersGifts for Gardeners

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