How to Plant a Wicker basket

Baskets make great planters

How to Plant Wicker Baskets for Gorgeous Flowers

I like using unusual containers for planting. Anything that can hold soil can be planted, in my option. One of my favorite containers are wicker baskets. They are rustic, blend in well with their surroundings and provide excellent drainage for plants that really need that kind of environment. A typical basket has lasted 3-4 years in my garden. Just remove the soil at the end of the season and put them in the garden shed over the winter to make them last longer.

  1. Find baskets inexpensively at yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets and dollar stores. You may even be able to find them free through sites like Freecycle and the Re-Use It Network. Baskets made from grape vines like the one shown above seem to last a long time in the garden.
  2. Look for baskets with unusual shapes, colors, and textures. Think about hanging baskets for hanging on fences, porches or deck railings.
  3. After you have chosen your basket, line the bottom and sides with newspaper. The newspaper will prevent the soil from coming out of the basket and help to retain moisture, but still allow for good drainage. Do not use plastic as the roots will not get enough oxygen.

  4. How to Plant a Wicker Basket

    How to plant a wicker basket

    How to Plant Wicker Baskets for Gorgeous Flowers

  5. Fill the basket with a mixture of one part potting soil to one part compost. The compost will provide nutrients and help to retain moisture and provide good drainage. At this point, you can also add a handful of organic fertilizer if the potting soil you are using does not contain fertilizer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the amount to use based on the size of your basket.
  6. Plant the basket as you would any other container. Use plants that like good drainage and that are suitable for the lighting conditions of where you will place the basket (sun or shade). Leave at least an inch at the top to allow for watering and mulch.

Bonus Tips:

- Fuchsia, succulents, and most annuals grow really well in baskets.

- Add water absorbing crystals to the soil to help retain moisture. Compost works well also.

- In really hot weather, basket may need to be watered twice a day, especially if you have used a small basket or if the roots of the plant have completely filled the basket.

To read more about growing flowers in containers, check out my growing guide here.

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