Tips for a Spectacular Winter Garden

See how to make your garden look good even in winter when nothing is blooming

  1. Rearrange Garden Art & Reduce Clutter – During the summer months when plants are large and lush it may look fine to have little garden gnomes and critters scattered amongst the plants, but come winter, when everything dies back, it may look more like clutter. Consider gathering these items and arranging them together or putting some of them away until the spring.
  2. Solar Lights / Fairy Lights – I love lighting in the garden and I think it is especially important in winter when snow is on the ground. Consider up-cycling standard solar lights for the garden or walkway and turning them into hanging lights / fairy lights (see how to make them here). In the summer, it may be hard to hang the lights in trees or shrubs because the leaves would prevent light from recharging the batteries. But in winter, after the leaves have fallen, all bets are off, and you can hang whatever you like in those trees and they should be able to recharge themselves as long as the branches are not too dense.

  1. Bird Houses – Consider putting up colorful bird houses in winter as well as in the summer months for nesting. I generally take my bird houses down in late fall or early winter, clean them out and then put them right back up. Not only are you providing shelter for birds in winter and nesting boxes for spring and summer, you are adding visual interest, especially if your bird houses are nice to look at. I’ve painted mine all sorts of colors and added stones, drift wood and other found objects to the outside of the bird houses for decoration. As long as the entrance holes and the box itself was the appropriate size for the bird I was trying to attract, color or decoration on the outside of the bird house doesn’t seem to deter them too much.

Whatever you decide to do to make your winter garden a little more spectacular, make sure that you account for any walkways that might need to be cleared of snow and allow space for plowing or snow blowing of your driveway. If you don’t need to worry about snow and ice in winter, then you will have so many more options available to you, so get creative.

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