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Glass Garden Totem

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Glass Garden Totem

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Glass Totems

Glass Garden Totem

Glass Garden Totems

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  1. Avoid colored glass that has been painted.  Over time the paint will begin to peel and this usually happens on the inside where you can't do anything about it. A lot of people have begun to use ceramic pieces. I have not done this yet, so experiment, if you like.
  2. To display your totem, make sure the bottom piece of glass on the totem is a vase, toothpick holder or something similar that a pipe can fit into. I use copper pipe, rebar or PVC pipe that has been painted; it just depends on the size you need. Make sure the pipe you are using fits the bottom piece well before gluing everythingHow to Make Glass Garden Totems together. There should be no need to glue the pipe to the totem if you've planned your pieces in advance. I buy the grey PVC conduit that is in the electrical section of my home improvement store. Spray it with a paint specifically for plastics, and you shouldn't have any trouble with it peeling.
  3. You can make the pipe fit better inside your glass totem holder by purchasing white PVC adapters and fittings (or copper ones if you are using copper) from the plumbing section of the home improvement store like the ones you see in the photo to the right. You can also wrap the ends in duct tape if you just need a little bit of tightening. I use this technique quite often.

How to Make Glass Garden Totems How to Make Glass Garden Totems

In addition to totems, you can put the pieces together and make plant stands and birdbaths. You can also display them as free-standing pieces. Large plates/platters or microwave microwave turntable plates work great for bases.

Glass Plant Stands Glass Plant Stands

I've also created glass mushrooms using bowls and vases or toothpick holders as the stems.

Glass Mushrooms

Glass Mushroom White Glass Mushroom
White Glass Mushroom Blue Glass Mushroom

Glass Hose Guide

These totems look like hose guides to me. I suppose if you have a lot of the right pieces that are the same, you could do just that. This piece is made up of two glass saucers, one ice cream dish and a bud vase.

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